Father Complex

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Father Complex

Fukami Rei is making the switch from modeling to acting, and getting a part in a drama with his idol Agawa Ryuuji is a dream come true. But admiration for Ryuuji's acting isn't the only reason Rei wants to get closer to the older man...Rising actor and model Fukami Rei is extremely attached to veteran actor Agawa Ryuuji, causing Ryuuji no little consternation. One day, a fellow actress and Rei's aunt, Aki, tells Ryuuji to stay away from Rei and on top of that, the president of his agency tells Ryuuji Aki's really Rei's mother and asks Ryuuji if he is Rei's father. Amidst this confusion, Rei confesses his feelings for Ryuuji and steal a kiss!

Source: MU

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