Fate/Stay Night

Vol: 20; Ch: 82
2005 - 2012
3.8 out of 5 from 555 votes
Rank #11,725
Fate/Stay Night

When he was little, high school student and amateur mechanic Shirou Emiya was adopted by a magus man.  Now he wants nothing more than to follow in his stepfather's footsteps and become a hero of justice.  Little does he know that a war is waging among some chosen magi, and that he is about to become its focal point...

Source: Viz

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Fate Stay Night is a pretty good manga I wouldn't say it's the best it does run into some of the cliche tropes that are rampant in Shonen type mangas but it does the story pretty well. If you read online like most other people to see if a review is positive or negative about it manga you'll see that most if not all translating sites have only 65 chapters released which is unfortunate considering that the series ended 6 years ago 2018 as of me writing this. I'm not sure if the series is going to get picked back up because 6 years is quite a long time for a Hiatus for translators just to you know either put this story on the backlog likely it's been put on not going to do because people don't care about series. ~SPOILERS~ So the characters are really appalling in the sense that they're assholes to be blunt, Shinji is one of them he's a total dick, Kiritsugu is also an ass and I am assuming he is the one who burned down the village and killed a lot of people 10 years ago and he felt sorry somehow for Shirou losing his family but I don't believe this is to be true, because he seems like a heartless bastard as he constantly leaves this boy he now has adopted. He goes on great adventures overseas or some bullshit and apparently he fathered a child that he didn't feel was necessary to mention to his now adopted son. The fights are mediocre at best but some of them are cool especially the berserker one that happened near the last of the translated series I mean it was pretty badass and he has to die 12 times(7 during this fight) for him not to be able to regenerate it that's kind of insane. Caster fight was okay being able to subjugate two three maybe four other servants under herself that's pretty badass though kind of lame because then it kind of makes her OP but then again she gets her ass kicked so no not so much. Oh also that preacher Kirei who knows what's going on with that guy I got the creepo feelings from that guy since the very first appearance in the manga the first page he appears on I'm like wow this guy looks like a creepy ass typical Asian bad guy gtfo of here. I don't know how this series is going to end in the next 17 chapters if they ever come out which they probably won't but it would be cool if they did and I might update this at that time. A rough estimate would be 8/10 and one read because the end kind of does drag on even the berserker fight.

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