Family Compo

Alt title: F. Compo

Vol: 14; Ch: 102
1997 - 2000
3.597 out of 5 from 167 votes
Rank #8,133
Family Compo

Just before entering the university, Yanagiba Masahiko's father died in a car accident. His mother died when he was four, which makes him now really an orphan. When his mother's younger brother and his wife decide to invite him to live with their family, his life takes a turn that he would have never imagined. What is the "terrible" secret that led his parents to break the bonds with his aunt and uncle? What could be the true nature of his cousin, Shion? And last but not least, will this "terrible" secret eventually get Yanagiba, too?

Soure: MU

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skywalkeriit's avatar
skywalkeriit May 5, 2016
Score 6/10

Main character is our typical gutlles Japanese college guy who who carries his virginity on his face but still gets a harem. Story ending is a bit incomplete. Every other character except pur main character is good. Infact remove the main character and the story will be much better. Love traingle goes on till the second last chapter and main character finally realize his true feeling in the last chapter. In... read more



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