False Memories (Gpiee LEE)

Ch: 50
2018 - 2019
4.1 out of 5 from 948 votes
Rank #1,837
False Memories (Gpiee LEE)

Wan’s got a face that scares everyone away before he can really become friends with anyone. So when Ha-woon befriends Wan on his first day at his new school, Wan is elated. Ha-woon must be an angel! It doesn’t take long, though, for Ha-woon to betray him in a terrible way, and Wan discovers Ha-woon might be more devil than angel. But then an accident happens that gives Wan a second chance at friendship with his angel. And it all starts with one big, fat lie.

Source: Lezhin

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I love reading series that are dark with dark characters and when they're also psychological too. This very much fits into those categories and I enjoyed it. I binge read the whole series. all the characters are all messed up and not right in the head. The only character who seemed decent to me was MC (Wan Lee) friend Suh-Hoo. ML (Ha-Woon) grow up with a deranged psycho non blood related brother who is obsessive/possessive of him which is why he turned the way he is now. Lots of trauma and abuse from his brother made him grow up be a **shole too. MC is quiet and gets bullied a lot and can't stand up for himself. MC is messed up because ML loses his memories and MC pretty much lies to ML and manipulates ML because MC likes ML. MC tells ML they're best friends and gets him to like him that way by lying. ML friend Bo-Mi is just literal trash, he puts ML and MC in harms way just because ML does not hang out with him anymore and he likes the ML. Lastly the brother Dong-Woon is crazy and deranged and does not care how he treats minors and people in general. That brother is just sick in the head. I'm mad that once the brother was found out he got 0 punishments. He was stripped of his job title and sent to another country to work for the same company but starting at the bottom. That brother clearly needs jail time. I wish the end had more chapters and wasn't rushed. But overall a good read for these type of genre/themes. It kept me interested the whole way. I'm not sure how I feel about MC and ML relationship as it started off as a lie. But it's cute they got together in the end and they really do love each other.  If you cannot handle dark series, dark characters, psychological reads this is not for you. Please don't read this then rate it a 1 because you don't like series like this 🙄 

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