Fall Madly in Love and Sing: R.I.P.

Alt title: Koi Kogare Utae: R.I.P

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
2021 - 2022
3.604 out of 5 from 38 votes
Rank #21,099
Fall Madly in Love and Sing: R.I.P.

KAI is a gang leader known for his rapping skills and less-than-pleasant dealings. His life had long been messed up with events he had no control over, and he had resigned himself to his current life. That is, until a poster leads him to a familiar face he hadn't in years. Hitoshi Kiritani is an average teacher trying to live up to his principles and forget a traumatic past. But KAI has other plans: to make him fall into the same hell as him. "Fall further to the deepest depths."

Source: futekiya

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