Fake Villain Turned Into Cannon Fodder (Novel)

Ch: 102+
2019 - ?
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Fake Villain Turned Into Cannon Fodder (Novel)

An Ran transmigrated as the first love of the male lead who was destined to die early. Her courage was weak. She was a pitiful beauty who was carefully nurtured and raised by her family. She was the pearl of the Sheng family. It was a pity that she made a lot of mistakes. After the return of the true female lead who had dreamed of her future, her life would be miserable. She was a fake villain turned into cannon fodder. An Ran: "…So I transmigrated into a novel! I should study hard and become beautiful every day! I have no time to take care of the female lead!" Everyone felt that An Ran, who had been accustomed to being delicate, would return to that slum-like biological family and be miserable. She would have to spend a lifetime in the mud...

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