Vol: 7; Ch: 20
1994 - 2000
4.181 out of 5 from 580 votes
Rank #2,599

Meet Ryo and Dee, two New York City cops with an attraction for action, and for each other! When Ryo, a soft spoken officer, joins the NYPD's 27th precinct, he's soon partnered up with Dee's a cocky, confident cop with attitude to spare.

Source: Tokyopop

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By the heavens above, thank you for FAKE. After years and years of reading the same type of BL-manga, I have come to realize what a rare treasure Sanami Matoh’s FAKE truly is. When Randy ‘Ryo’ MacLean starts working for the infamous 27th precinct, he is immediately teamed up with Dee Laytner in hopes that he will be able to bang some sense into the boisterous slacker. However, Dee proves himself to be quite a handful, who instead manages to rile the otherwise calm and level-headed Ryo up. What I love about this series is that the two main characters don’t meet and instantly fall in love with each other. You actually get to see them working on their cases, interact with each other as colleagues and friends, adopt a kid (well, Ryo adopts a kid) and fall in love with each other throughout the course of the series. Yes, there is sexual tension between the two of them and lots of heated moments, but the actual smut doesn’t happen until the last volume. Also, while they possess some stereotypical seme/uke stereotypes they are not defined by these stereotypes. Dee is a very caring individual towards those he holds dear: Ryo, Bikky and Carol, the nun who raised him and the children at the orphanage, and once a year he goes to the graveyard to pay respect towards the man who was the closest he ever regarded as a father. Neither is Ryo some weak little wuss who needs his seme to take care of him. Yes, he is a bit shy and can be very naïve, but he is not a helpless damsel-in-distress. He is a very capable cop, is physically strong (even when drugged he managed to stand his ground). Also, he’s a terrific gunman and has the best aim among the whole precinct. And this is what really makes FAKE better than most BL-manga. The characters feel more realistic than in most manga, not just the BL-genre but just overall. It was good back then, and it is good even now. It is not a product of its time, unlike most shows and series about LGBT-people from this time are. If you are looking for sexy smut and nothing else, this manga is not for you. Don’t get me wrong, the smut is great, but you will have to read through lots and lots of character development before you get to it. However, once you get to the smut it actually feels earned. There are more emotions to it because it has been building up to that moment for seven volumes. Even though you knew Ryo would eventually accept his feelings for Dee, it still felt extremely rewarding when he finally did it.

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