Evil Knight

Alt title: Akan Gisa

Ch: 120
2020 - 2022
3.298 out of 5 from 207 votes
Rank #34,999
Evil Knight

Born as the eldest daughter of a duke, she was raised and educated only to become Queen. Even though she had excellent fencing skills, she was not allowed to wield a sword. Nevertheless, she was happy. As Queen of the Kingdom of Mont, she was able to stay with her beloved King. But her happiness did not last long. The king betrayed her and had her executed. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself on the witch hunting ground outside the castle! People are calling her a witch and are trying to kill her. What is even going on?

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She really is evil: She lets all those rapists and human trafficers live and walk away again and again, so that they can come back and do their thing to her and the people she wanna protect. Stupid and naive to the point I consider evil. Its like you take Sesame Street's original dialogues for 6 year-olds but then show screenplay with rape, torture and gore themes. Simply does not work together. Hey, lovebird, what's going on with your friend and savior you wanted to save from this rapist lord more than 10 chapters ago? Works fine while dilly-dallying with a stranger and some animals in the woods, right?The author create a need for immediate haste and then write scenes like this!? WTF did he/she even think? Well, nothing will happen to her friend in the end ofcourse (remember: 6-yo) and that'll be the reason why our MC will continue to keep them all alive. There was one thing a villain said after she wanted to let him run off again: "What a fool! No wonder the powerless are taken away!". I just had to agree with him 100%. In our modern world with courts and sophisticated laws, I would never agree. But in a world like that, where there is no equity and fairness anyway because nobles can lawfully get away with anything by interpreting/twisting laws a little bit for their favors (In most cases, twisting is not needed at all) ... In a world like that, a protagnist playing by the softie rules of our moden society, is simply a show stopper. Especially since she had sworn revenge, but cant even kill a rapist. Besides, the ML can talk to and command animals (birds, mouse, rats, ....), so HOW THE F*** IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO RUN INTO AND TRIGGER EVERY SINGLE TRAP THAT HAS BEEN SETUP FOR YOU?!?!!Mistakes like that -if there are enough- simply proof that the author did not for once try to view the current situation with the eyes of the characters that are implicated in it. That is why the events don't really add up and feel out of place. Because everything takes place in authors head, not in the world you're reading. Really, I lost hope at chapter 19 and finally dropped this manwha.

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