Ethnicity 01

Alt title: Ethnicity Zero One

Vol: 3; Ch: 18
2010 - 2012
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Ethnicity 01

In a distant future, technological advances have made it possible to control human population which has resulted in less environmental impact and provided a solution to the problem of starvation and wars. Sensoram City is a good example of a society which is driven by Civil Points, an artificial score given to each civilian representing the value that person is worth to society and dictating what privileges they have. When their score reaches zero, that person is removed from the city and placed in what is called the Blank Area, which doesn’t officially exist. Nico is a regular student who is bored with her life. She goes through her daily routine of school with Kune along side her; her Puppet, a government issued guardian program that protects and monitors the individual that acts like a parent and friend. Trying to find some excitement in her life, Nico gets involved with a mysterious student named Asuta. But she gets more than she ever wanted when she gets involved in the people who survive in the Blank Area and learn about the revolution that is about to erupt.

Source: MU

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