Eternal Club

Ch: 282+
2021 - ?
4.176 out of 5 from 792 votes
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Eternal Club

Lew's aimless and mundane existence in the vibrant Willton City changes dramatically one rainy night. He gains the power to trade "lifespans”, buying years from some and selling to others, and can manipulate time itself, either accelerating or decelerating it at will. Armed with these extraordinary abilities, Lew embarks on a quest to establish an elite club for the "Immortals," transforming his once unremarkable existence into a thrilling journey of time manipulation in the heart of the city.

Source: Tapas

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Is it good? Not really. It's very average actually. Sure the setting is interesting and it has that original vibe to it, but that's it. The execution is sloppy and frankly the rules don't make any sense.MC :In the same chapter, dude went from being the bullied kid at the back of the classroom to "I'm gonna become a god" without any transition. He just becomes cool and smart. He now knows about physics, biology, finance, etc. Is that a problem? No. The problem is that if he learned any of these things it happened offscreen and is never mentioned. Just imagine how awesome it would be to see MC spending months lowkey using his ability to become smarter and stronger? Just a couple of pages with him reading about the theory of relativity or human evolution, doing workout at 100x, really anything showing that he is trying his best.What we get is him getting his power in the morning and in the afternoon he is already roaming the streets with a new suit he pulled out of god knows where and became a mafia boss. He's now acting mighty and talking about world dominiation. I mean, seriously?  Other characters: I don't know what to say about them other than they just exist to make MC shine. Like "oh look at all these smart and rich people working for the MC, he's so cool isn't he?" I get that he has a power and they can see and feel it. But what about him is convincing? He never talks about his ideas and acts mysterious. They act subservient to him which is weird. Peple would have at least tried to either understand his abilities, or tried to capture him and torture him to know what's up. Story: That's what makes me keep on reading it. The idea of having a secret organization pulling strings behind the curtain is exciting. Especially when it's loosely based in a real world plane. It makes it seem possible. And human evolution, space exploration and technology advancement are all fascinating subjects. Nonetheless, this could have been such an amazing story of how a man is trying to change humanity. Instead we have this.

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