ES: Eternal Sabbath

Vol: 8; Ch: 82
2001 - 2004
4.068 out of 5 from 323 votes
Rank #3,109
ES: Eternal Sabbath

Ryousuke Akiba has the Eternal Sabbath gene. Capable of bestowing unnaturally long life and immunity to all diseases, it seems a miniature fountain of youth. However, unintended side effects of the gene include incredible mental powers that can almost totally control the mind of almost any human. Only one surviving member of the government research project knows the truth of the matter and is hunting the recipient of the ES gene to correct the wrongs of science gone awry. Yet even if Akiba has no bad intentions, another problem is brewing: he may not be the only one.

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GutterKitty Feb 4, 2016
Score 10/10

This is one of my all time favorite manga. Mars, also by Fuyumi Soryo, was the first manga I ever read and I absolutely adored it. As such I rushed out to find more of her work and ES: Eternal Sabbath was the only other manga by her that was available. I was hesitant to read it at first, namely because the synopsis makes the story out to be much less than what it truly is, but after flipping through the first... read more



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