Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid

Alt titles: Ero Meruhen: Ningyo-hime, Ero‚ô•Meruhen: Ningyo-hime

Vol: 18; Ch: 36
2013 - 2015
3.544 out of 5 from 400 votes
Rank #20,459
Erotic Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid

Lotte has always been fascinated by the surface world, but mermaids are forbidden to ever have contact with humans. One day, she finds a handsome young man adrift in a shipwreck and takes him to shore. More obsessed with the surface than ever, Lotte jumps at the chance to become human when a demon named J offers her a magic potion. But there's more to J's potion—and his intentions—than meets the eye...

Source: MU

Content Warning

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At this point, I've read a sizeable chunk of the Erotic Fairy Tales and this one has been the most entertaining installment by far. The story really took me for a ride, to the point that I genuinely didn't know where it was going to go for a while there. There are sex scenes throughout, with some kinky play and emotional intensity on top of the more sensual stuff. As a warning, I will mention that there is some NTR--some sex between the main girl and someone other than the main guy--but that aspect of the story gets dropped about halfway through or so. The beginning hook is that Lotte, cursed, has to periodically have sex or else risk dying--because a demon named "J" enjoys seeing dramatic shit go down. Fe ends up falling in love with a prince named Abel and also getting a bit entangled with Abel's brother Deo. The story kinda becomes a different beast altogether after around chapter 22 and I won't exactly get into what goes down, but there are a few twists and turns and some endearing romance. I like the addition of Iris and Herman as characters. Herman is an excellent source of dry background comedy for the few chapters in which fe appears. And Iris is just adorbs. To give you an idea of the type of Extra twists the author has in store for you, characters go through multiple deaths and resurrections (like, where the same character dies and comes back multiple times...). This type of blatant manipulation was a bit annoying and is probably what led to me finding the ultimate ending of the story to be lackluster. I did appreciate the White Witch's role in disrupting J's absolute control over the story and adding some counterbalance to things, but I think I would've preferred if feir interference remained more subtle and lowkey rather than just being another source of ridiculous-level plot manipulation.

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