Eniale & Dewiela

Alt title: Enidevi

Vol: 3; Ch: 15
2012 - 2015
3.746 out of 5 from 64 votes
Rank #14,056
Eniale & Dewiela

When Eniale the coy angel and Dewiela the serious devil get into frivolous spats, the whole world gets caught up in their antics! Whether it's wrecking New York in a bid to nab some famous cosmetics, getting into a car chase in Paris over a clothing quarrel, or sinking Tokyo thanks to a zombie outbreak, it's the advent of an otherworldly duo who are both beautiful and obnoxious!

Source: Yen Press

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Eniale & Dewiela is a cute little manga about two friends who just happen to be an angel and a demon. The story is trying to show that not all people who are supposed to be 'bad' are actually bad, and not all people who are supposed to be 'good' are actually good. While it does succeed at doing this at the point I left off at it hasn't fully committed yet which is frustrating.  Spoilers below this point.  The Part I'm Annoyed About: Dewiela is the demon of the duo. She is a hardworker and dutifully collects souls while also trying to help Eniale when she can. Surprisingly, she doesn't break the rules set out by Hell often. Unlike Eniale. Eniale isn't a hardworker, she damages a lot of Dewiela's belongings without thought, and she actively breaks the rules in order to get her way. The author is making it so we don't like Eniale, but through book two Dewiela hasn't had a single satisfying victory without teaming up with Eniale. I know she's the demon and therefore she isn't supposed to win even though she is the better of the two characters (thus the lesson) but it just leaves an unsatisfying feeling in me to see Eniale continue to win without repercussion. I still have one book to go so I could be surprised.  Other than imparting the lesson of not judging a book by its cover there really hasn't been an overarching story yet. It's been episodic so far.  Characters:  Even though I complained a bit above, the two main characters actually work fairly well together. Even though they are work rivals we still see them as close friends when not working. Eniale actively protects Dewiala and vice versa. However, while they are fairly complex characters none of the other characters in the series are. We don't really see any other characters more than once and while this is a short story focusing on the two friends it would have been nice to have a bit more.  Art:  The art is fantastic. 

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