Energy Hunters

Ch: 109+
2018 - ?
3.918 out of 5 from 48 votes
Rank #4,957
Energy Hunters

Gu Xinghe is a high school student with few words. After a mysterious bloody red rain, he suddenly found he became the target of a group of monstrous creatures, "the Death Disciples." Whatsmore, his beloved friend Lu Yang fell into a coma on his birthday from the monsters' attack, while Xinghe was saved by a girl with tremendous power. To save his friend, Xinghe joined the "Energy Hunters" academy that the girl attends, and start training to fight the "Death Disciples" and other dark powers. 

Source: MangaToon

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PZcolo Sep 1, 2019
Score 4/10

Excellent art-style, unfortunately, so far other than that this manhua doesn't have much to offer. MC is annoying tsundere-emo mix of the bad kind that reacts agressively to everything and ofcourse, once he doesn't have it anymore he goes all "I should have this" and "I should have that","I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and so on. Not my favourite kind of character, the kind that... read more


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