Energy Hunters

Ch: 206+
2018 - ?
3.932 out of 5 from 79 votes
Rank #5,975
Energy Hunters

Gu Xinghe is a high school student with few words. After a mysterious bloody red rain, he suddenly found he became the target of a group of monstrous creatures, "the Death Disciples." Whatsmore, his beloved friend Lu Yang fell into a coma on his birthday from the monsters' attack, while Xinghe was saved by a girl with tremendous power. To save his friend, Xinghe joined the "Energy Hunters" academy that the girl attends, and start training to fight the "Death Disciples" and other dark powers. 

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Excellent art-style, unfortunately, so far other than that this manhua doesn't have much to offer. MC is annoying tsundere-emo mix of the bad kind that reacts agressively to everything and ofcourse, once he doesn't have it anymore he goes all "I should have this" and "I should have that","I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and so on. Not my favourite kind of character, the kind that hurts others because he doesn't want to be hurt himself. The female lead is the quiet cold beauty type, quiet and with (apparently) a good heart, she's ok. The rest... little known so far, thou I'm already heating the new red haired guy. Also, I don't like the chars interactions and relaationships so far, they don't feel very... natural. Story-wise, where I'm at the prologue just ended and the story is at last starting but so far it has been quite meh, lots of focusing in the unimportant things like too many chapters wasted on him having a pitiful life and too much time in his self deprecation cicle. Other than that, the world has barely been explained, other than people able to use "energy", some misterious red and dark energy or mist and bugs are the bad dudes and the hunters are the good guys? Overall, it's too soon to tell since as said the prologue just ended but so far it has little to show for itself other than it's great art. Edit: In the 30chs after the prologue the story still progresses at a snail pace, which is surprising given that each chapter is not that short. In any case, it belongs more to the psychological tag than action so far and the psychology is more reminicent of it's mainstream understanding than a proper one. I was waiting for it to pick up but I give up, dropped.

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