Endless Eden

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
2.896 out of 5 from 87 votes
Rank #29,282
Endless Eden

Angela wakes up in an abandoned warehouse. Confused and dazed, she has no memory of her past or any concrete idea about how she got there. Through a series of seemingly inconceivable events, Angela learns that she has been chosen as the next vessel for the great demon queen. The only thing preventing the queen from taking over her mind and body is her virginity. Will Angela be able to avoid temptation or will the Demon Queen Lilion be unleashed to ravish the Earth?

Source: MU

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Story The story is about a girl who has a demon queen inside of her body and is being chased by both people and monsters.  Only her virginity is keeping the demon queen from gaining complete control over her.  Overall, the plot is just okay.  It's not particularly great, but it's not completely terrible either.  In fact, in my opinion, this manga does have some potential.  Unfortunately, said potential is wasted by the ending (or rather a lack of an ending).  Really, it doesn't actually end, it just stops.  To be fair, this manga was probaby cancelled so suddenly that they couldn't make a proper ending (or even a half-assed one), but the fact that this manga has abosolutly no resolution really hurts it.  Also, if you hate ecchi or rapey scenes, then you will probably want to avoid this one. Art The art pretty nice, and is definately the best part of this manga. Characters To be honest, the heorine is kind of whiney throughout most of the manga.  To be fair, she does have justifyable reasons to whine, but still!  In the last couple or so chapters, she does start to grow a backbone.  Sadly, the manga gets cut off before she could truly grow as a character.  A couple of the other characters are pretty cool and/or interesting, but again, the manga just stops before they could show their true potential.  The rest of the cast are fairly forgetable. Overall Ultimately, this manga just isn't very good (though it did have some potential).  Those who really like ecchi might still find some enjoyment from it, but the lack of any resolution will lead to disappointment. Daily Manga Marathon Club Review

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