Encore wa Sex Yori mo Sosoru Koe

Ch: 2+
2022 - ?
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Encore wa Sex Yori mo Sosoru Koe

Kane Yukisaka loves the world of opera, a masterpiece of art, with its colorful and enchanting staging -- and he's not afraid to do the lowest of jobs to get closer to it! Working from the fringes of the industry, he persevered until finally becoming an Artist Manager! Akihiko Tsukioka, who's been assigned exclusively to Yukisaka, is a veteran tenor who took the world by storm after his debut. His technique is perfect! But compared to the brilliance of his youth, he seems to have lost something in his sound. Yukisaka wants him to regain his number one status again, so decides to use his charms to romance him, but... dinner first? Nope, straight to the bedroom!

Source: MU

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