Vol: 2; Ch: 22
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A bloated man with bloodshot eyes wanders to a crowded intersection in Tokyo, blankly staring into the distance before blood explodes from his eyes and his body, killing him on the spot and splashing many onlookers, including a student named Akari. Who was this man, and what killed him? Discovering the mystery behind the body may prove to have deadly consequences not only for Dr. Onotama, but also all of Japan...

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Adonerisu Dec 13, 2014
Score 10/10

  Emerging is one of those manga series that you’re anxious to read, yet repulsed by simultaneously.  It follows the plot of what would happen if a completely brand new virus appeared in Japan’s capital, and that is exactly what happens when a man wanders into a crowd of people and explodes in broad daylight, with blood spraying on multiple people, including a high-school student named... read more

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JaJl Mar 15, 2019
Score 4.5/10

La versión manga y menos masiva de la pelicula Contagio. Primero que nada, la idea de contener un virus que te vuelve una masa sangrienta que explota en sangre para contagiar a los demas es muy interesante, imagina todo el caos social que ocasionaría, los miles de fallecidos, o como las naciones del mundo reaccionaría frente a tal duelo. Cosa que podría originar guerras y problemas... read more



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