Elemental Gelade

Alt title: Erementar Gerade

Vol: 18; Ch: 96
2002 - 2009
3.769 out of 5 from 469 votes
Rank #8,179
Elemental Gelade

Coud Van Giruet is a member of the Red Lynx sky pirates - but given the fact that he can't even pilot a ship, he's not very skilled at his job. Following a raid, Coud finds that the door to the treasury has been left open, and he can't resist having a peek. Inside, he finds a large and dusty box in the back; but rather than containing gold or jewels, it houses a sleeping girl! Named Ren, she's an Edel Raid: a living weapon of great value. She seems set on journeying to the legendary land called Edel Garden, and as Coud feels he may have finally found his calling in life, he decides to escort her there. But with many villains intent on capturing Ren and obtaining her powers, will they make it there safely?

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