Ecstasy Hearts

Ch: 96
- 2018
3.677 of 5 from 118 votes
Rank #6,470
Ecstasy Hearts

Shimizu Anya is the daughter of the two former top Tennis Players of the world. And now, it's her time to conquer the domain of Professional Tennis at least until her destined rival came and completely crushed her before she could even break out of her bubble . This is where her one-sided rivalry begins.

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caeIi's avatar
caeIi Feb 16, 2018
Score 1.7/10

I'm sorry, but I find this webtoon straight out terrible, terrible enough to compel me to write a review. Maybe it will redeem itself as it's still ongoing after all, I might read it again and edit this review once it's finished just for the sake of consistency but for now it's horrible.   Story: 2/10 For the first few chapters the story was actually decent. We get some insight into Anya's past... read more

nicolledogga's avatar
nicolledogga Nov 26, 2018
Score 9/10

I don't understand how this has so many bad reviews.. It's a great story with amazing art! Each character is amazingly written and it's backstory explains perfectly why it persues it's goals. The charcater have a lot of charisma and will make you feel connected, of course they are not perfect which only adds up to the stories perfection as a whole. The story brings the seriousness of a sport and of... read more


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