Alt title: Chikyuu no Ko

Vol: 3; Ch: 27
3.192 out of 5 from 165 votes
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A regular person falls in love with a superhero who protects Earth! In terms of circumstances, ability, experience--they are from two different worlds, but they get to know each other, support each other, and then... A unique love story on a planetary scale now begins!

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Hideo Shinkai, the author of Earthchild does have a bit of a reputation to him. For one thing he's the student of Araki Hirohiko, the author of the massively popular Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Shinkai also worked on an eleven volume manga series called Soul Catchers, which has yet to be fully fan-translated. That being said, did I enjoy reading Earthchild during its early chapters? The answer is no, I did not. And to the best of my ability I will explain why. SPOILERS WARNING since this will be covering vital story points. Story- The story begins with Reisuke being saved by a girl with psychic powers named Kareri. She tries to erase his memories of the incident but can't. Over the course of the first chapter we get a bit of exposition regarding how an Earthchild is born, and the rather super quick development of the relationship between the two protagonists. If this were paced out series of episodes or movies I'd be fine with it. But the author is so quick to push events up to where the characters get married and have a child, in the first chapter. To push a relationship this quickly is not going to feel natural to a lot of the readers. But the real kicker is that in the same first chapter an asteroid is going to hit the earth and the female protagonist must make a heroic sacrifice to stop it. And by the end its revealed that their baby boy is an earth child too. No surprise there since the author intended the son to take his mother's role, without any foreshadowing by the way. So now that means that Reisuke is a single father, until the organization tries to take Mamoru away from Reisuke. Hands-down we finally hit a part of the story that feels entertaining, where Mamoru tries to force choke an Earthchild agent. Its funny, which is probably not what the author intended. The scene was meant to show Mamoru's potiential, and yet the level of exaggeration makes it hard to take seriously. I know that manga and anime tend to dabble in that at times, and yet this felt too silly. Though I do think that drama is something that people percieve differently. And the mother is fused to a meteorite, so there's no telling if she's coming back into the story or not. But it does look like Reisuke is going to raise Mamoru as an ordinary kid. If there's another timeskip then the author really does suck at pacing out the story. But who knows, maybe he'll learn from his mistakes early enough before getting the ax from Shounen Jump. Art- The art has always been one of the author's stronger points, even if some of the character designs end up feeling a bit same-y. That the unfortunate case of working in Shounen Jump, cutting corners when it comes to the look of the characters, for some authors anyway. Characters- As for the characters, we have Mamoru, Reisuke, and Kareri(At least during her portion of the story). The way I see it, Kareri acts like an introductory character, introducing the protagonist to the world she lives in. Its an element of story-telling that's been done numerous times already. There's Moka from Rosario Vampire, Rukia from Bleach, Sakurako from Psyren, and also Shiro from Deadman Wonderland(and any examples I'm not thinking of). Except due to actions in the story, Kareri is now not involved in the story, at least for the time being anyway. Reisuke as a protagonist feels like if Keigo from Bleach became a father. Except I will admit that Reisuke does have some strength and resolve as a father, even if he doesn't have any powers. That being said, Keigo from Bleach definitely has more charm compared to Reisuke. The way I see it, Reisuke is just a cheesy, overzealous loverboy who probably became annoying to me at some point. Mamoru on the otherhand probably has the most potential out of the characters. He loves his father enough that he almost killed some characters, so that says something. I do find the author giving him lengthy monologues to be a tad annoying. That being said, one character is not enough for me to continue investing into a series. Overall- I don't know if its because of the author is rusty from not writing enough, or from the stress of doing both writing and drawing for a magazine like Shounen Jump. If I had to be honest I'd think he would be better off just doing the drawing and leave the writing to another author. But the author probably has his own pride I'm guessing. There's just too many things that annoy me: the exposition, the cheesiness, not being enough conflict within the story, and not feeling invested with the characters. And ultimately there are better sci-fi manga to pick from than this one. I'm not trying to offend anyone but that's how I feel. Recommendations: Psyren, Astra Lost in Space, Animal Land, Urusei Yatsura, Kaiju #8

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