E to T. Eiga to Tenshi.

Vol: 3; Ch: 52
2014 - 2015
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E to T. Eiga to Tenshi.

Enoku Daigoro, Tokoro Chacha, and Kiyose Kai were in film-making club together in middle school. Now that they're going to high school together, they're determined to start up a new film-making club for their high school years! On their first day, they learn about another new student, Kotohiki Sakura, a cute girl who is constantly surrounded by crowds of adoring guys. Enoku has more interest in films than girls, but he thinks she and her popularity could be a great addition to the club.However, when he sees her for the first time, he notices that she has a halo and angel wings! No one else seems to see these things, and his comments about her appearance are taken as a love confession. Enoku and his friends are determined to invite Sakura, and maybe her gatekeeping friend, Yachiyo, to join the club they're about to found and make films together! 

Source: MU

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