Dungeon Seeker

Vol: 4; Ch: 33
2016 - 2019
3.76 out of 5 from 2,512 votes
Rank #13,308
Dungeon Seeker

One day, Junpei Takeda, a high school student, was summoned to another world by a "god" on a whim, along with a delinquent, Shota Kido, and Junpei's childhood friend, Noriko Tatsumiya. They thought they were summoned as heroes, but for some reason, Junpei's status was worse than that of a villager. On top of that, he was pushed into a monstrous labyrinth with zero survival rate by those traitors. Junpei was almost ready to die in this desperate situation, but he came up with a clever plan to recover from the situation. The weakest dungeon seeker has found a way to explore the labyrinth and begun to take revenge on the traitors!

Source: Alpha Manga

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No spoilers! Yay! Chapter 30 currently. I'm not the type of person to write a review before finishing the whole thing. Well, I don't even like reading manga or watching anime that are still ongoing. But I felt like I had to share some info on the beginning. STORY First of all, somebody has to give this manga the Worst Beginning Reward. It starts off like a normal Isekai story, the characters get sucked into another world. The protagonist gets thrown into an unbeatable dungeon, alone. Next, Junpei starts fighting bosses. He does this for 13 chapters. Yes, 13 chapters of boss fighting. The bosses aren't all that special, and Junpei is the only character, so its kind of boring just looking at him killing bosses. But after that the story gets a bit better. I don't know if you would like this or not, but common themes in the story are death, despair, and death and despair. Junpei starts off miserable, and gains more misery along the way. Almost everybody he meets end up dead (there is one happy ending tho). -> very unique [+story][+characters] There are a LOT of surprising moments. I doubt you can predict much of the outcomes and events (like surviving or dying). Sometimes impossible coincidences happen, as if god is playing around (he probably is). ->[+story] Also don't expect this to be like The Rising of the Shield Hero, with a lot of adventuring. The Dungeon Seeker is all in a dungeon (as of chapter 30), and a really boring dungeon too (with no monsters). ->[-story] ART The art is okay. All the women have the same hairstyle, which makes it confusing. There is an excess amount of nudity and revealing clothing (or fan service). -> [-art] However, the action scenes are okay -> [+art] CHARACTERS Seriously. I feel bad for all the characters. Everybody (with a 1 or 2 exceptions) is basically all of humanity's selfishness x100. Come on! There must be happy people in this world! Right? -> [-characters] As I mentioned before, most of the time Junpei is alone, or with one other person. Even after that, there is zero character development from even Junpei. -> [-characters] Shoot, I think I wrote too much. Whatever, I'm too tired now to edit this.  LIKE MY REVIEW! MARK IT AS FUNNY OR HELPFUL! COMMENT! I KNOW I'M BEING SELFISH, BUT IF U DON'T, umm... idk. Hope this review doesn't get taken down for this.


*Very spoiler-y review.* Frankly, I don't know why I'm writing a review of this. I'm not a reviewer. Probably just want to put my thoughts into text. First and last time I'll probably do this. Regardless, the story, though short, was enjoyable. The ending wasn't too satisfying, just like life isn't, but for an ending, it was good. Glad to see the guy became a vigilante. Such things are needed in this world, all hail Kira. I must have read a fair share of dark isekais, since when I was reading this, I didn't feel too many intense emotions of rage or hatred towards some of the evil fuckers in this. Probably just wasn't in the right mood. There was a lot of pity though. Good thing that ex orphan kiddo went on to live well. Frankly seemed like an impossibility in a manga like this. Wonder what was up with that bastard of a god. Interesting as he was, I hope he got his comeuppance. Though from the looks of it, any sort of despair wouldn't have been much against him. A truly sad fate it was, for everyone involved, specifically all the people that got isekai'd. Not much pity for the bully bastards, aside from the main cunt seeing his wife and daughter getting tortured. They didn't deserve it. But it was indeed hyporitical of him behaving like he never did anything bad. Some of the evil fuckers in this died too soon, wouldn't have hurt to torture them a bit first, like that priest for example. But there was no time for that.I can always dream of being isekai'd at this point, but if I ever was, I think I'd rather stay where I am instead of ending up in a universe like this.

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