Dungeon no Maou wa Saijaku!? (Light Novel)

Alt title: The Dungeon's Demon Lord is the Weakest (Light Novel)

Vol: 10
2015 - 2018
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Dungeon no Maou wa Saijaku!? (Light Novel)

God left a dungeon in the hands of a boy known as the Demon Lord. After receiving multiple blessings from God, let’s start my life as a Demon Lord! …Or that’s how it was suppose to be, but God messed up and created the worlds’ weakest Demon Lord ever. To continue living, I have to continue making dungeons.This story is about an idiotic protagonist, a lonely demons’ child, an Undine who lives in a bathtub, and a princess who fell in love with the Demon Lord, even though she was human. A story that all unfolded during a bath.

Source: MU

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