Dungeon Majesty

Alt title: Dungeon-ui Juinnim

Ch: 115+
2017 - ?
3.677 out of 5 from 730 votes
Rank #17,334
Dungeon Majesty

Juyoon Oh is a typical guy trying to find a full-time job. But one day, he dives into the Han River and puts himself at risk of drowning to save a child that fell in. As he is about to meet an untimely death, a goddess appears before him and gives him a chance at another life... not as a hero or wizard, but as a weak, skill-less “brick larva.” It's the beginning of an atrocious adventure, and the road to become a hero is long!

Source: Copin Comics

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This review also covers part 2. There is no part 3 yet, as the author has been conscripted into the military. A continuation will probably have to wait till 2021... The Dungeon Master is a rather weird "reincarnated in a different world" story. Not only is it Korean, but the plot also jumps in the weirdest ways. The only story-focused comic I know that makes weirder jumps is Fire Punch, the manga that spawned this very fitting meme: Anyway, it's definitely not as crazy as Fire Punch, but it is close to impossible to predict what will happen next. The rough world our MC is thrown into, has some vague mysteries, but at the start you don't get all that much info about the world, so they're adressed very slowly while still managing to be engaging. The MC is also not an overpowered god-like being in his new world, which is a breath of fresh air after seeing all those wish-fulfillment isekai manga. The mention of weird jumps in the story might make you think that most of the characters will be bland or onedimensional, then. However, I found most of them to be rather interesting. Almost all characters that have any real impact on the story, have intriguing and more "hidden" sides to them. And the development of the MC's mentality is handled really well. Saying more about the story is not only hard, but would also most likely spoil things that are better left unspoiled.  As for the art: it's good. The art isn't godlike, but it's definitely up there in the list of good-looking manhwa. Conclusion: Give it a try, if you're prepared to handle a long wait before the story continues - if it ever does. Alternatively you can give it a try to check out the weird storyline.


I'll be quick and concise. I don't understand why people hate this so much. The plot is original, one of the more original out there, it has some cliches and some problems with world building for now, but for the most part it's a breath of fresh air. It's decently executed although I have to say that it does jump around in time a bit, but if you are paying attention it's not too bad. The plot progression is also pretty slow but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Overall there are some issues with the flow and pace of the plot but I swear it's interesting enough to make you overlook those negatives. The art is good some times, avarage most of the time and bad in some rare occasions. At least in my uneducated opinion. The characters surprised me, although in the beginning I thought we would have a bunch of cookie cutter people in this story I was proved kind of wrong. Most of the characters are interesting and have a decent amount of depth, if this is expanded on in the future I could see them being very good. Some have already grown a bit and almost all of the ones that have a role in the story show potential for further growth, I believe it's worth following them. Overall Dungeon Majesty has some flaws, but I've been enjoying it without remorse. If you'd like a fantasy story with a pretty good amount of originality, above avarege characters (for manwha) and a plot full of potential I recommend you to read this. And with this I conclude my "Quick and concise" review, hope you give it a try. 


Review of Part 1 (ch. 1-35) [The scores are for part 1] The first few chapters are quite glorious in how they subvert expectations for humorous effect. The theme of this entire season is related to Oh Ju-Yoon's desire to be heroic and how things don't always go the same way as in the light novels and stories from Earth. Our protagonist starts out as a Brick Eater--which is easily one of the cutest sections of the entire manhwa--and then has feir soul stone transferred into the body of a Synthetic Zombie. Soul stones and the idea of upgrading to stronger bodies becomes a central part of the plotline, with that being the focus of the mad scientist Luzeffle's research. There is also magic and some fight scenes, though the choreography of the fight scenes isn't all that impressive. More than anything, these first 35 chapters just seem to be setting the stage for future storylines--giving our protagonist some allies and partial-allies and introducing us to the world and some of the dynamics between various species and factions. I don't like the expansive landscapes. Smudgy and blurry. I also find a lot of the rest of the artwork to be unimpressive. The designs for some of the species are nice, with the Brick Eaters being especially adorable. I think there is probably too much emphasis on the cleavage of the buxom female characters. The climactic fight brought this story down from an 8/10 to a 6/10 for me. It had three stages, with parts of it being set within a pocket dimension and including some metaphorical and sentimental aspects to it. It was corny and unfunny, and the ultimate way in which the final boss was defeated (with all of the souls banding together) was just super cringe. It also felt strange how lengthy this fight was in comparison to the total length of the manhwa--it takes up about 25% of it--though honestly it probably wouldn't have been noticeable if the interactions and problem-solving aspects were actually well written instead of this weak-ass, corny shit that we got. Review of Part 2 (ch. 36-50) Story: 5/10, Art: 5/10, Characters: 6/10, Overall: 5/10 It's kinda funny how this section of the story ends with the protagonist, Oh Ju-Yoon (a.k.a. "Otto"), talking about joining the army, 'cause I hear that the author of this series had to take a break between parts 2 and 3 in order to fulfill feir own military service. This part 2 of the story was pretty alright, though obviously short. It mainly dealt with Otto and Bobby's confrontation with a group of roktu (which are a frog-like species) who were pillaging villages. During this period, they make some new allies (an unnamed and slightly cowardly rat-like explorer and a kinda loopy human named Jonia) and Otto learns a bit more about feir new transformation ability. Near the end of this section, we also get a few glimpses at the emperor's daughter. I was honestly disappointed by those moments, 'cause the emperor's daughter (who seems like fe will become a major character in the plot) felt like a boring character and "the count" didn't feel all that interesting either. What we can expect for part 3 is a fighting tournament and Otto attempting to gather some strong subordinates (perhaps mercenaries). Most of the artwork is alright, but not amazing. I generally like the way the various species and characters are drawn, though the chibi forms don't always land well for me. Much of the backgrounds are smudgy and largely just splotches of mood-appropriate colors mixed in with some more detailed walls or floors. I will say that there are a few panels when the characters first enter the city of Arutalan where I found myself actually liking the backgrounds--the overlook of the city with the shiny stone above it and the hall with those beautiful, striated pillars.

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