Dungeon Hoiku

Alt title: Dungeon Nursery

Ch: 24
2017 - 2018
4.198 out of 5 from 206 votes
Rank #1,847
Dungeon Hoiku

Koizumi Takashi a salary man dies with the skin of banana. If he can reach the magical Fountain of Purification which resides at the bottom of a difficult dungeon, he will be allowed into Heaven. But to that he needs to conquer the dungeon by summoning monsters. His first monster was a lvl 1 female goblin.

Source: MU

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SpiritSlayer Jun 17, 2018
Score 10/10

This one is hilarious ,Don't miss this one ,though this look like a ordinary iskeai plot,the comedy in the plot is one of the best.Their isn't much to say ,i just love this one.This one is for isekai-comedy-action manga fans. read more


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