Dungeon Defense (Light Novel)

Vol: 5; Ch: 34
2016 - 2017
4.516 out of 5 from 25 votes
Rank #212
Dungeon Defense (Light Novel)

The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, "Dungeon Attack". I used to be the ‘hero’ that had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, "Dantalian". With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—.In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.

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Like most novels, it hooks you into reading the first few pages , and Dungeon Defense does this with the distinct and hue-istic characters. The MC--though a piece of shit--you relish, and you come to understand his personality and development with his backstory and processes. However, where this DIFFERS from other novels is that it does NOT lose its momentum. Rather than such, it gains velocity and ADVANCES. It STOPS AT NOTHING AND ADVANCES FORWARD. Another beautiful thing about the novel is its characters. And on the specific, I'll be focusing on the Witch Sisters. Often, side characters develop two-dimensionally where their only role is to play THE SIDE CHARACTER. However, in the case of the Witch Sisters, they are complete. It explores their philosophy and approach toward life thoroughly, and thus one develops sympathy toward them. [SPOILER AHEAD] One specific instance--my favourite scene in the whole novel--is where the Head Witch, Humbaba, is commanded to sit quiet by her owner, MC. Since she respects and worships MC, she must abide. However, she is a vociferous witch. Such command--though of simple implications--is a nefarious command for the witch. Since she cannot move, she can only think, and the chapter explores what goes through her mind: exploitation, torture, death--her past. [SPOILER END] Regarding the information of novel: Hiatus (5 Volumes Complete) ; somewhat easy binge ; +Character Development ; Unique-Non-Linear Characters ; Good antagonist

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