Dual Mound

Vol: 4; Ch: 28
2021 - 2022
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Dual Mound

Sakutarou Koimura was just an average boy who loves baseball, until one day he met Mikoto Harubara - who's greatly hailed as being "the number one catcher in middle school", along with the genius switch pitcher Kousuke Hotobashi. But because Hotobashi apparently acted violently against someone, this incredible battery was banished from middle school baseball... But upon entering high school, they make their triumphant return to the baseball world! At first glance, Hotobashi seems unlikely to engage in violence. What is the secret behind the trouble he got in, and his dual-handed pitching? And with this strong, dual-handed pitching 'problem child' in tow, will the battery be able to make it to the high school baseball championship at Koshien Stadium?!

Source: Kodansha

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