Ch: 202
2016 - 2020
4.098 out of 5 from 409 votes
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Hazin Nam had always been plagued by nightmares, but one day, he dreams of an apocalyptic world seven years in the future where humans are fighting to survive among demons and zombies. Hazin dismisses the dream as another nightmare until he finds out Yuri Hong, the girl he had seen in his dream, has transferred into his school... With his ability to switch back and forth between his school life and the oncoming apocalypse, will Hazin be able to prevent what causes the world’s destruction?

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Since my negative review really stands out, I hope the people that love this manwa can come to accept my opinion, considering the fact that I completely respect your opinions and I simply want to share mine Normally if I really don't like a story, I like to keep my opinions to myself since I feel like that just annoys people who really like it and plus it might deter a lot of people who would potentially love this story. Basically, I like to keep my opinions to myself if they're negative because I don't want to be a nuisance. However, I feel like this time I should at least give off my reasoning why I give such a low score for all the categories. Especially since every single other review is so positive. Don't get me wrong, I completely respect people who believe that this manwa is amazing, maybe almost a masterpiece. Obviously, I will give my argument of why I don't believe this is true at all, however this is simply my opinion. There is no right or wrong answer as to whether or not this manwa is great, or horrible, or in between. My negative review shouldn't deter anyone that might see this from at least giving it a shot if they're considering it, because truth it, there is quite a good amount of good in this manwa. It's just that at least for me, the bad parts are so overwhelming that it takes away from me being able to enjoy the positives. Also to be honest, I'm much more used to giving a review on MLA rather than AP so this will be probably a lot longer than most others on this site. Sorry :) Also, keep in mind that while I did read almost the entire manwa, I dropped it when there was a little under 40 chapters left to go. This means that I was able to get a good sense of a lot of the story, however I never got to the end and don't know how it goes and how good it really gets. I will most likely be missing a few details that might be useful as counter-arguments against my opinion. However, if anyone gets mad at me missing details and say that I can't say something is bad if it gets resolved at the end, my question to them is, why should only the very end of the manwa get to be good? Is it not one of the basic responsibilities of an author to keep he readers engaged the entire time by making the entire plot interesting and good so that they can still pay it off with a great ending? One last thing, I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible although  there might be some key points of the story spoiled in order to make my points clear. Now, story, a 6/10. To be honest, I was really surprised when looking through the reviews that I only saw such high scores in this categories. There was an overwhelming amount of 10/10s and if I remember correctly, I think that the lowest score was an 8/10. Now, I would like to make it clear that to me, a 6/10 is considered as average. maybe slightly above average, which I think the story definitely is. There are some amazing parts of the story, ESPECIALLY in the beginning. The beginning of this story absolutely captivated me and I even found myself staying up really late just because I was reading this manwa. This was the point where I could see why so many people were praising this manwa so highly. Because yeah, probably from the beginning to about chapter 100 or something like that, the story was really interesting. Yes there were parts that I didn't like, however I think that belongs in order categories and doesn't fall into the story. However, what hurts this story so much is that once we get to the middle of the story, it starts to go downhill, and very quickly. It eventually stalls out very quickly and the main cast start to go on all these "quests". Not much really happens until about ch 150 when things finally pick up again. There would even be times where the characters will go on a quest for 10+ chapters, get the reward for like 2 chapters, and then something happens where that entire subplot just goes to waste. However, my main gripe is how despite people saying that there are so many twists that happen, for me at least, it was either really predictable, or I was actually surprised however it just didn't hit well because it was a really cliche way of adding a plot twist. Keep in mind I'm adding SPOILERS now. My main argument about this is when it's revealed that Ian is the revenant and the main cast confronts him and Hazin realizes that he indeed is a revenant as well and Ian's and Hazin's backstories are revealed. To summarize, Hazin shoudl've become the revenant but his mother, who acted like she hated him his whole life, protected Hazin by changing the results so that Ian becomes the revenant. Ian then cannot die and whenever he does, he gets reset back to a certain point of time and has to keep on living in that loop, trying to change it so that he can get out of it. He eventually realizes what Hazin's mother did and wants revenge. To put it simply, super bad villain ends up just being a victim of mental and/or physical torture because of unfair manipulation. MC's family hates him in the beginning but turns out they love him but want to protect him by pretending to hate him. Family also turns out to cause injustice on big bad, leading to revenge on MC. MC also turns out to be, in some way, the big bad. The point I am trying to make here is that this plot twist is EXTREMELY basic. How many times has a plot twist so similar to this been used in not just manwas/mangas/anime, but also western entertainment as well? How many times have you seen a movie and a plot twist like this happens and you think, "I called it"? The author clearly wants to pull out something very clever and seem unorthodox, however they pick a plot twist that has been used countless times. This is why I frankly get so confused when so many people get so surprised by this and start to praise the creativity of this decision. Admittedly, I was also surprised. Yes I was happy for a plot twist to come out like this, however what left me disappointed is that the plot twist itself was so basic. One thing I want to note is that at some point, I noticed all the flaws of this manwa but tried to ignore them, turn off my brain, and just read it out of pure enjoyment. If I really tried to disect it and tried to solve the mystery myself, I feel like I would be much more likely to figure it out simply because of how cliche of a plot twist it really is. Also, I feel like the time loop is a very cliche plot tool as well. Yes, it shows the suffering of the revenant, but it's such a basic plot tool to use now in modern entertainment. Granted, it was probably the only option with how the story was going, but that just shows that the author probably did not do as much planning ahead. It is very possible for them to instead frame the story ahead of time to create a much more creative plot twist instead of using such cliche tools. Anyways, I think I made my main points clear for the story. There is lots of good, however it stalls out too much, nothing happens for a while, and plot twists are very basic and cliche.  Now for the art, 3/10. I can clearly see that this is the weakest point of the story, and for very good reason. To be honest, this will probably be the shortest part of the review since I'm not even the closest to being an artist or know how to critic it in the slightest. However, in order to keep up the theme of a failed attempt of being unorthodox, the art is just... weird. And not in a good way. The characters look like paper maches, not actual people. There are so many times where you just don't even know what's happening because the art is so messy. Additionally, there are so many times when the characters are drawn so horribly that they look like a blob. Almost like a shapeless amoeba. It gets better over time. However, the manwa also fails to try to insert some comedy in some parts and heavily utilizes the art to bring it out, but it does it so badly that the characters just look like they're melting or it's just such a basic and lazy attempt to being out the comedy. Additionally, I hate the way that Hazin looks like a whimp all the time. Yeah I get it's to show how weak he is then, but he just looks like a dumb whimp who is somehow great at everything (more on that later). This is definitely a personal preference though so don't read too much into that. One other thing I want to note is the lack of creativity with the facial expressions. There's such a small amount of different number of facial expressions they have and they always have this annoying, nonchalant face whenever fighting (in the past). Anyways, that's all I gotta say about the art. It just is not pleasing to the eye. If you are looking for a manwa with amazing, eye catching art, it'll catch your eye, but not in a good way. Characters, 4/10. Whoo boy, this is probably the most controversial take I'll make here, but I absolutely HATE Hazin. However, not the Hazin in the apocaplypse, where it seems like most people who don't like him hate him, but actually Hazin in the beginning. Many people seem to love him since he becomes such a [email protected]$$ later on. However, my opinion is that he just becomes a basic harem MC. For a story that wants to be so unique, it really does seem to create a really basic MC. He becomes this guy that is supposed to look like a loser and an absolute whimp, but he's really overpowered, both mentally and physically, every single decision he makes is always the correct one, he never deals with the consequences of his own mistakes because he never makes any, he is always on the moral high ground, gets away with everything because he's perfect and always has a solution, oh yeah and has his very own mini-harem (last part is just more of a personal preference). He has basically no character flaws himself which in itself is his biggest character flaws. You can't find any flaws in him because he has none. This just leads to zero character development with him, leading to a bland, annoying MC who is boring to see. The most character development he has is working out. He's literally also treated like a harem MC by all the other characters. Stella is also a really annoying character. She adds a little bit in the middle of the story, but for the most part, she just becomes the annoying character who does basically next to nothing other than to scream out words and make dry comedy. Yet she becomes a really prevelant character. Heath is kinda weird. I like him as a character because he's actually likable. He actually has some common sense while also acting like a reasonable human who acts naturally in the situations yet people don't like him because he's blocking the MC's plans even though Heath has no idea what's going on for a lot of it. He's portrayed as an idiot by the MC and is even mocked by him even though he's basically never told anything for a while. SPOILER. It's also revealed that he also has the revenant's blood but as far as I've read, nothing happens with it. Could something have happened with it later, yeah, but I feel like the author should've utilized it as a plot device a lot more. He should've reacted a lot more from it but doesn't. Yuri is basically the only character I actually really like (and no I'm not simping for her). I'm not gonna reveal anything about her character because I do like her and I since there isn't really anything that negative to say about her, there isn't really any need to dive into it. The only critic I have about her is that she takes a back seat to the MC even though she is LITERALLY the demon hunter but is just portrayed as an idiot sometimes (at least in the middle. She gets better). One thing I really want to point out is how the author treats all the people who aren't really named. At first I really hated it because they kept on portraying men as sex-crazed beasts and all they want is women and alchohol. As a guy, I admittedly got really mad about this severe stereotyping at first, but then I decided to get a bit more open-minded about it and realized that the author plays heavily into stereotypes for almost all the different groups of people that are in the story. I guess this is something that I can't say anything negative about since it is clever, however there might be some who get offended by it so keep that in mind. Also one very ridiculous thing about this manwa is how much power the mayor actually has. I don't live in South Korea myself so I don't know how the government works there, but I can almost guarantee that the mayor of a small town that K town, the setting of the story, should not have as much power as he actually should. Most people of smaller towns or in the subarbs probably don't even know their mayor and if they do, they probably all know that the mayor is not able to have extreme amounts of power. The mayor's position was literally awarded to the mayor for extreme loyalty as well as lots of power over a small city. Yeah, what a great reward Anyways, I could probably go off on a lot of smaller details, as I can for every other manga/manwa/anime that I see mind you, but this review is already way too long. I think I made my main complaints about it already clear. Again, this is just my opinion. There are still lots of people who love this manwa and have opinions that I completely accept, even though I completely disagree. Although I did drop it, I still really enjoyed this manwa at times. There really is a lot of good in it, just that the bad completely overshadows the good for me. I think that this story is really great for blind enjoyment if you aren't too picky.

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