Dream Away

Alt title: Chakgageun Jayu

Ch: 58
2019 - 2020
4.455 out of 5 from 280 votes
Rank #479
Dream Away

Jihan is a college student with a special ability: he can see the future through psychic dreams. One day, he wakes up from a vivid dream about a guy who gets into a car accident. Jihan feels like it’s his responsibility to help this person, but he wasn’t able to see his face. Frustrated, he tries to brush it off with a coffee at the cafe near campus, only to realize that the barista is the guy from his dream. Will Jihan be able to save him?

Source: Lezhin

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The artist really took not judging a book by its cover to the heart with this one ha. I thought I'd be walking in on fluffy looking characters but I got beefed up college lads instead and I'm NOT complaining.  So our boy Jihan has psychic powers as in the ability to have precognitive dreams, his first major dream was on the dude Doyun getting into a car accident or sth. It was all fine and dandy until after the accident has happened. From then onwards, you'll be introduced to a new antagonist (not really one tho just a bratty college kid) and after that it'll just be college students arguing over a presentation. Ok first & foremost this is a slice of life that takes place in a college setting, like any other college slice of life stories I've also read a shit ton of conflicts stirred up from students with clashing opinions. Stories are told to be "relatable", yeah bickering over some stupid presentations I get how fucking relatable it is that's why I'm so bored and tired of it. Coz we've been through that shit way too much to even care about how it's gonna happen in fiction LMFAO.        I dun mind the second couple, I find them cute, actually both pairs are cute. I just think that overall when you're presenting an idea such as a character having precognitive powers it can be exploited more to raise some stakes?? Story could easily end after Doyun's accident if you only make that the main focus. It's also a doable option to add Jungwoo a disbeliever into the second part, but if you're going with the latter just leave out those damn insignificant characters like the college kids & again lol, presentation drama. Coz them extras are a major bore. 

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