Dragon Crisis! (Light Novel)

Vol: 13
2007 - 2011
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Dragon Crisis! (Light Novel)

In the world, there are those who hunt down rare and powerful items known as Lost Precious, including Ryuuji Kisaragi’s own parents and cousin Eriko, who’s been studying abroad for the last few years. But when Eriko suddenly returns, the boy finds himself in the middle of the action when she drags him along to intercept a special treasure from the nefarious Fang organization. What’s more, the duo soon discovers that this Lost Precious isn’t a jewel or trinket, it’s a rare dragon girl who instantly bonds with Ryuuji! Now, Ryuuji and Eriko must help teach this dragon - who they name Rose - about the world, while keeping her safe and meeting other new friends and dragons along the way.

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