Dr. Frost - Custom lists

Dr. Frost
  • Comical Psychosomatic Medicine: Hen
  • Comical Psychosomatic Medicine: Alain on Happiness
  • Comical Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Cold: Zettaireido no Koibitotachi
  • A Guilty Symptom

Therapists by AnnaSartin

The characters in these stories are therapists; professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, school counselors, and relationship counselors.

  • 4-gatsu no Kimi, Spica.
  • 2-gatsu no Shousha: Zettai Goukaku no Kyoushitsu
  • 1/11
  • 1 Litre no Namida
  • 0.0 Mhz

Live Action Adaptations - Manga by Ka0nonymous

A list of manga that has been adapted to a live action movie or drama. [J]= Japan [K]= Korean [C]= Chinese [T]= Taiwan [Th]= Thailand [HK]= Hong Kong [US] = United States [F] = French [Ph] = Phillipines [It]= Italian

  • A Bittersweet Life
  • 2015: Space Series
  • 10th Dimension Boys
  • 3-Second Strip
  • #Killstagram

Official English Webtoons.com manhwa by RoyalOss

A list of officially translated Naver webcomics available (for free!) at webtoons.com. Please support the official release!