Dr. Frost

Ch: 265+
2011 - ?
4.407 out of 5 from 498 votes
Rank #829
Dr. Frost

Frost is a genius psychologist who believes all humans are basically the same. His keen mastery in mind-reading will blow your mind and strike through your heart.

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I really enjoyed reading this webtoon, it's one of the better ones out there. You can notice the amount of research the author has put into his work and I love the attention to detail when it comes to psychology and mental illness. The art is gorgeous and it only gets better over the course of the 121 translated chapters too.Our main character, "Frost" is a professor and bartender who is terrible at sympathizing with the emotions of others as he himself doesn't experience many if at all, which makes for a very refreshing take on the human mind. Together with the second main character Seonga, a very energetic and empathetic psychology student, they meet and counsel many clients, each of them are completely fleshed out and (in my opinion) realistic characters. Each character has a part you want to love and a part you love to hate, so if you're tired of stereotypical characters that are obviously made to fit a niche and never do anything the audience doesn't immediately understand, this is definitely worth a try.Mental illness and counselling is very stigmatized in Korea and while the author has obviously come from an amazingly open mind, I could notice the slightest prejudice towards personality disorders in particular. I don't blame the author at all, in fact I think this is probably the best work of fiction out there that touches on so many different psychological problems in a very respectful manner, but since this subject is very familiar to me I couldn't help but notice. This was written almost 10 years ago and I still consider it progressive if I look at the kind of culture it was originally published in, where it's still taboo to talk about mental illness in fear of being judged and making the family look bad. I truly think the author is doing great work both for the comic industry and the younger people it might have comforted and educated.All in all I definitely recommend this webtoon, even if it hasn't been translated completely. However, please do be mindful that this is a webtoon about mental illness. It might start off relatively light, but it does touch on suicide and abuse several times, so please don't read this when you're in a sensitive state of mind. I think the balance between comedy, drama, feel-good and psychological thriller is very nicely maintained throughout the story although it does take a more serious turn towards the end of the season.Anyway go read it if my review interested you, show the author some love!! Looking at the omake in between chapters sometimes, he looks like he could definitely use the support.

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