Doutei Zetsumetsu Rettou

Vol: 10; Ch: 48
2019 - 2023
3.136 out of 5 from 63 votes
Rank #36,764
Doutei Zetsumetsu Rettou

In the near future, an illness overtakes Japan that causes all virgin men over the age of 18 to suddenly drop dead. First it was a convenience store manager, then a hikkikomori... then, whole swathes of men violently die, their bodies swollen and noses bloody. Even doubting one's virginity is enough for the virus to take hold. Amongst the madness, a trio of high school seniors decide to help their 17-year-old friend lose his virginity by going to the red light district together. In this new world, there's only one solution: get laid, or die!

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