Douluo Dalu 2: Jueshi Tangmen

Alt title: Soul Land 2: The Unrivaled Tang Sect

Ch: 183+
2012 - ?
4.5 out of 5 from 881 votes
Rank #191
Douluo Dalu 2: Jueshi Tangmen

A land without magic, dou-qi, martial arts, but have essence spirits. This is the combat continent 10 000 years after the formation of Tang Sect. A new hero and his friend walks the land, a new "Seven Monsters of Shrek", will they keep up the name of the Tang Sect? Or will it crumble due to a new essence system?

Source: MU

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lonerinthecorner's avatar
lonerinthecorner Jul 16, 2015
Score 7/10

While it was a fun story to read, it felt like the author wrote this to earn money instead of fans. It started to go downhill towards the end and I had to finish it for sake of finishing it. As a guy who read his previous work, the prequal "Douluo Dalu",the setting changed from using arrows to using cannons yet this sequal felt like a step down in terms of story and character depth.  Story (may... read more

PharuanUndearth's avatar
PharuanUndearth Jan 11, 2018
Score 7.9/10

~SPOILERS~ So this series takes place about ten thousand years after the first one, and takes place with a different main character, but this main character is also OP as hell. The main shocking thing with this main character the author actually makes it harder for him to do things but not so much that it's actually impossible just hard. I will say it's a good Mahwah but it's not the best, only for the simple... read more

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