Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
2007 - 2009
3.925 out of 5 from 2,948 votes
Rank #4,196
Doubt (Yoshiki TONOGAI)

Rabbit Doubt is a popular new mystery game in which a ‘wolf' kills off each of a group of ‘rabbits' one by one. If the rabbits determine the identity of the wolf, they win the game; but if they suspect the wrong individual, the rabbits all die. Eiji, Rei, Mitsuki, Haruka, Yuu and Hajime are six friends who were meeting for the first time at a karaoke bar, but then, while separated, they lost consciousness and came to in a mysterious building - one of their bodies impaled on the wall. A real life game of Rabbit Doubt has begun. With paranoia and suspicion abounding, the survivors struggle to piece clues together before the Wolf picks them off one by one.

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Score 4/10

Doubt tries to be your standard scary death game manga and the suspence/mystery is enough to keep you entertained if you dont think too hard but unfortunately it is filled with plot holes and unjustified character actions and will leave you underwhelmed.  ~Story~ 2/10 The biggest issue with the story is that the upon arriving in the set up death game, no goal is given to the players and... read more

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VacuumTan May 11, 2013
Score 6/10

I hadn't read this Manga before but I had heard some pretty good stuff about it. Some people told me how suspenseful and thrilling this whole story was, so I was freaking pumped when I bought it almost a year ago. I pretty much sucked up the four volumes in no time, and damn, was I disappointed. Yeah, you heard me right. Maybe people got my expectations up, but to me, Doubt will forever remain a barely... read more

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