Vol: 23; Ch: 167
2000 - 2018
4.571 out of 5 from 1,286 votes
Rank #328

The city of Hole is a desolate town where magic users go to test their powers by disfiguring or killing its people. After being cursed by a sorceror, Kaiman was left with the body of a man and the head of a lizard. Determined to break the spell over him, Kaiman works with his companion, Nikaido, to search for the one who made him this way. Unfortunately, with no memory as to his assailant’s identity there’s only one way for him to locate them: he must bite the head of any magic user he meets so that the man hidden inside him can determine if they are the culprit. As he bites, slashes and kills his way through the cruel magic users, will Kaiman be able to find out who the man in his mouth is, where the one he hunts is hiding and return to normal, while keeping the revengeful magic users at bay?

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When you combine Naoki Urasawa's phenomenal story-telling with a fantastic cast of fleshed out, loveable characters and sprinkle some of the best artwork in manga on top, you get Q Hayashidas brutal masterpiece: DOROHEDORO! I watched the anime first and was intrigued by the questions it brought up regarding Caiman, his original head, who killed him, why- and how the fuck a human managed to get inside his mouth and who this person was. Because the anime didnt answer these questions in its 12 episodes, I decided to check out the manga and HOLY SMOKES it was the best decision. Not only does the mystery about Caiman get revealed in a really unique and complex way, the artwork left me speechless. Many new characters were introduced along the way and old ones got fleshed out and received proper backstories. This made for a really fun read, especially since the humor and the brutal action were in perfect harmony, not seeming unfitting at all, quite the contrary actually. The last fight is were I have to critisize the writing a bit though, as it felt a bit ''lazy'' and not as important I guess (weird wording I know, but if you've read it you might understand what I'm getting at here). My favorite characters were Shin, Noi, Chidaruma, Caiman, Nikaido, En, Ebisu, Haze and the Cross-eyes boss, but that doesnt mean that every other character, minor or more important, was bad. All in all I have to recommend this manga to everyone who either enjoyed the anime and wants to know what happens next, or to those who are simply looking for a very entertaining, funny, action-packed and overall exciting story to read, while indulging in some of the best artwork the world of manga has to offer.

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