Dorei Shounin Shika Sentaku-shi ga Nai desu yo? Harem? Nani Sore Oishii no?

Vol: 5+; Ch: 31+
2018 - ?
3.38 out of 5 from 240 votes
Rank #32,715
Dorei Shounin Shika Sentaku-shi ga Nai desu yo? Harem? Nani Sore Oishii no?

Zeolith the lazy boy who was supposed to attend vocational school from the age of 15 at with the village's rule. At the age of 15, a vocational school knows its title and chooses a profession from among them. But the titles He obtained were only : "Title of the Highest Peak of the Human Race" "The BraveMan", "The Strongest Ruler" "The Emperor", "The title of the strongest magician "The WiseMan", "And the other one left "The lowest dislikes scums "Slave Merchant". None of the titles that were eye-catching. He picked the lowest title "Slave Merchant", which is inconspicuous among them and seems to be easy to live...

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Just like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, there is a magical screen which delves in to the students' minds and has an internal back-and-forth with them--offering them various job titles that would match them. But now that I'm comparing them, it's obvious how much more compelling the sorting hat was. It almost makes me want to go back and read Harry Potter. Anyway, Zeoris is like the most powerful and versatile person ever (or at least in the last 400 years), with no satisfying explanation given as to why fe's so stupidly overpowered. But since fe's so stupidly overpowered, the lesser version of a sorting hat offers fem the jobs of "Hero," "Demon Emperor," "Great Sage," and finally "Slave Merchant." Slave Merchant obviously is an outlier in the list in the sense that it has nothing to do with feir stupidly overpowered capabilities. The lesser version of the sorting hat must've seen some kind of Slave Merchant character traits within feir heart (which isn't a great sign...). Zeoris really doesn't want to be a Slave Merchant, but fe wants the other jobs even less (because fe's a lazy piece of shit in addition to being stupidly overpowered), so fe accepts the Slave Merchant job title. There's an elf girl, Pati, who also chose to be a Slave Merchant for the noble reason of buying kidnapped elves then freeing them. Zeoris also decides on feir own noble reason for buying slaves--fe'll send them to work building up feir hometown for five years and then free them. Totes noble. Totes fine. It's even more noble because if slaves don't get bought, they'll be sent to the mines! Gasp! Fe almost has a moral imperative to buy the slaves now! Fe gets a job as an adventurer to get quick money so that fe can pay for feir daily expenses and afford to purchase slaves. And it's like, "Of course fe gets a job working as an adventurer. Why wouldn't fe get a job working as an adventurer? It's not as though fe could've just bought and sold slaves to make a profit or worked as a merchant apprentice or something. Why would the manga have fem make money with something actually related to feir job title when it can have fem work as an adventurer?" Anyway, all this stuff happens in the first four chapters. It's alright, but not super great. But I really liked the events in chapters five and six, specifically Zeoris's problem-solving. And during those events, I was able to set aside my frustrations with how stupidly overpowered fe is because I thought the way fe combined feir powers was interesting. That being said, from what I've seen since those chapters, I'm not sure I can expect the manga to be consistently dark and creative like that. It seems like it'll largely just be girls surrounding fem and fem getting into fights and winning those fights easily because fe's stupidly overpowered. And, wow, if the last few chapters are any indication, it's not as though the fights even need to make sense. Like in chapter 12, why did fe accept that bet? The baron guy was entirely in the wrong, so betting with the girls on the line is just idiotic. I think I rated this manga as highly as I did (even though there are a lot of aspects which frustrate me) because it has shown potential to be entertaining and at least somewhat original. I guess we'll see how it plays out. The buildings and landscaping appear to be the bare minimum amount of drawing--often just straight lines. And the character designs lack oomph. [Reviewed at chapter 12]

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