Doomed to be a King

Alt titles: Seize the Mountaintop, Be the Great King, Zhan ge Shantou Dang Dawang

Ch: 145+
2019 - ?
3.995 out of 5 from 155 votes
Rank #10,080
Doomed to be a King

One day, a young man ​occupied a mountain, and crowned himself the king. Henceforward, this place wasfull of masters and beasts. But wait... What am I looking at? Masters are plowing farmlands, and beasts areguarding the yards? Something's wrong...

Source: Qidian

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This manhua/novel is the mix of at least 2 other similar stories and one big trope. The two stories with dudes who recruit students to build their own sect (History's number 1 founder - My disciple are all villains) and the trope is the system that uses money. It's a recurrent thing now to have a "cheating" system. Usually I find these stories entertaining because they cover an aspect that we lack in xianxia. MC's almost always either belong to a sect or enter one to bring it to glory. We rarely see them build one from scratch and all the management involved behind. The problem here is that his goal is too broad and nonsensical. He has to "build a holyland"? What's that? Also his way of getting promoted is not interesting at all. **Mild SPOILER** <spoiler>Dude uses card that he buys with money, that's it. It's too simple since the system gives him a way to get mad resources already. He can just sit around and then get stronger. He doesn't really learn any techniques either.</spoiler> I feel like it lacks the cutivation aspect we love in those stories. And the MC is not that wicked. It's more on the comedic side. And the comedy is forced. It could have been quite interesting if it had a more mature setting I think. But I won't be too harsh because experience shows that sometimes the discrepancy between a novel and its adaptation is such that you feel as if it was written by 2 completely different authors. Overall it's just an okay manhua. Not boring but just average and that's too bad because it has great material. The art is nice though, so there's that

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