Don't Touch Me! (Zhuang Ning)

Ch: 87
3.579 out of 5 from 88 votes
Rank #9,638
Don't Touch Me! (Zhuang Ning)

Pampered young elite Qin Min is not suited to his new life in the countryside. He's accident prone, not used to using "rustic" technology, and has a bad case of haphephobia. The slightest touch from another person sends him into a panic, but somehow he keeps winding up in the arms of his overly-helpful neighbor Lin Yu Xia. The more accustomed Qin Min becomes to the friendly barber's touch, the less it seems to make him want to break out in hives. But what makes Lin Yu Xia different from all the other people he has tried so desperately to avoid? And can he open himself up to the possibility that someone's touch might actually bring him pleasure instead of pain? 

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