Don't Take Your Eyes Off Me

Alt title: Sono Me wo Sorashitekureru na yo

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2020 - 2021
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Don't Take Your Eyes Off Me

Jun is a member of the boy band Primula, the son of his agency's CEO, and the songwriter for his group. Little do they know that this is a fabrication created by the CEO. Straight off the back of their band's debut, Jun is shocked to discover that Isshin, a member of the group, is the person whose credit he has been taking. Hoping that it will help vent his anger, Jun lets Isshin have sex with him, and from that day forward places himself completely at the other man's mercy. Jun does everything he's told without complaint, saddened by Isshin's hatred for him. Soon after that, Isshin has full control over his training regimen, clothing, and even his meals. But even then, Jun fails to notice the unusual fixation Isshin has on him... the messy, muddled love story of a genius pop star and a performer with no way out!

Source: Coolmic

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