Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness!

Alt title: Orabeoniga Neomu Sunhaeseo Geokjeongida

Ch: 78+
2021 - ?
3.666 out of 5 from 282 votes
Rank #19,240
Don't Hire My Brother, Your Highness!

I had my share of working overtime for an evil employer. It’s no surprise that I died from it! But as if being reborn as Irene Werber, a minor character in a romance novel, wasn’t shocking enough, it turns out that my kind older brother is destined to work for the world’s most evil superior, Crown Prince Ervin Manuel Terence! It’s up to me to stop my brother from being exploited! The only problem is… I don’t even know what this prince looks like!

Source: Tapas

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