Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister

Ch: 60
2021 - 2022
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Don't Call Javotte an Evil Stepsister

Javotte Wincheston shoots a venomous glare at the men leering at Cinciarell in the ballroom. Yes, it’s true that she didn’t really care for her younger stepsister in the past. But ever since Cinciarell miraculously woke her up from a coma by body slamming her, Javotte has had a soft spot for her stepsister. Javotte is now determined to step up as House Wincheston's heir and become the true head of the household. With the help of her new, mysterious lover from the empire, she struggles to find ways to revive the dying family business. But her mother, who has always been so benevolent and caring, seems to have no intention of letting that happen. Will Javotte be able to restore the Wincheston name to its former glory and find out what sort of secrets her mother is hiding?

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To avoid confusion (that I had when I read the previous title "Don't Call Me Sister"): FL and ML are NOT related at all, even by adoptive family or whatever. Short background: FL's mother marries the Duke. FL and her sister are regarded as official daughters of the Duke and the Duke passes the heir title to FL. His biological daughter, "Cinderella" endures and is really naive. At chapter 7: The story is okay. It's still developing right now, so I'll add more comments later. For now, I'll just state some impressions I have of the story. For me, I felt like the pacing between FL and ML's romance was way too fast. For some, that's a good thing because that's less dragging out the romance courting drama stuff. For some others, they might enjoy romance with a bit more reason and development. I thought FL's reason for marrying is quite valid - she realises she's helpless so the fastest way to have more power is to marry. I don't know much about how society worked back then (women back then were trapped whether they married or not, from what I know of), but okay, I'll go along with that. It seems like ML fell in love at first sight. That's not my type of story because often love at first sight just feels too convenient. However, the dynamic later on is somewhat acceptable enough because FL also likes him (the liking also felt too rushed). ML is probably secretly a powerful aristocrat. [I know the concept of consent is iffy in historical webtoons, but they had sex while she was drunk. I mean FL wasn't angry or uncomfortable with him after, but I'll just mention those as I felt a bit iffy.] In later chapters, FL and ML are quite cute together, all cuddly and talking and stuff. It kind of makes up for the iffy stuff - kind of. As I've said before, they still felt quite rushed. Onto other characters: The youngest sister, "Cinderella" is completely naive and innocent. The mother and other biological sister are probably bad news. The mother is really shady and the sister is dumb and follows whatever the mother says. The art is nice. Sometimes the face could be slightly weird, but that didn't bother me. Also, this is the first time I've seen a brown-haired green-eyed ML. I like his character design.  I recommend you read this if you want a fast-paced romance and to turn off your brain a bit and just entertain yourself by reading this webtoon. P.S. Is it just me or does the ML kind of look like Tom Hiddleston in Crimson Peak? 

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