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Vol: 2; Ch: 10
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Dolls Code

The seven teenagers who committed crimes had their body parts related to the crime they committed taken away and was sent to a school with a locked room. To return to their normal lives, they have to continuously take the examination and graduate as the first in class within one week, or else...

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I geniunly did, in fact, enjoy the read but there are many flaws that I must point out.  First of all, the plot itself is relatively unique and fun, a collection of criminals, all their ages being roughly in high school, play a game with very high stakes, also they each lost something to do with the crime (E.G. arm, head, memory), their goal is to either graduate (which only one of them can) or to find the puppet (they may have referred to it as something else but basically the puppet has the missing pieces of everyone).  If they fail, they will be trapped in the place where the game is taking place, which is a school setting.  There is an array of characters presented, each with their own set of goals/morals/past.  One of the biggest problems I have with this manga is that the puppet could have simply been caught at the very start due to the fact that there was a character who lost his head, if he had simply described it, then it would be sorely obvious whom the fake was.  Another problem, one of the characters were a rapist, though we do get insight into why he does such a thing, I still don't think that it can justify anything and that he got off very easily for a heinious crime as bad as that.   The ending was somewhat rushed, the characters made alot of attempts to find the fake, getting almost nowhere due to that fact it is quite difficult to pinpoint who is lying, the manga did reveal something in the first chapter which gave it away for me entirely but if I ignore it, the fake was indeed hidden quite well in some aspects.  But all the hard working to find the puppet was fruitless and in the end, there was a shocking twist but all to fast.  The manga wasn't bad or anything but nothing worth calling a masterpiece.   I do reccommend trying it out though~!

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