Does The Flower Blossom?

Alt title: Hana wa Saku ka

Vol: 5; Ch: 31
2006 - 2015
4.335 out of 5 from 251 votes
Rank #1,017
Does The Flower Blossom?

    Sakurai Kazuaki. At age 38, he's single, overworked, and starting to feel a bit miserable about his life. One day a young college guy at a train station bumps into Sakurai and wreks his magazine. Fate — or coincidence — has it, Minagawa happens to own the same magazine at home, and instead of apologizing for the damaged item, he invites Sakurai to his house and replaces it with his copy. "What an arrogant young kid he is!" Sakurai dislikes him immediately. Yet, despite feeling annoyed and frustrated by Minagawa's rude and arrogant behavior, Sakurai soon finds himself a frequent visitor of the secluded household...

    Source: June

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