Ch: 30+
2019 - ?
3.508 out of 5 from 154 votes
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Miha has always felt like an outsider, even within his own family. Sohwa takes full advantage of that, forcing him to do his biddings. However, an incident takes place that helps Miha and Sohwa to reflect and figure out what they are feeling for each other.

Source: Lezhin

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Okay my advice to all the characters in this manhwa: go seek help... therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry... any fucking y--s. Except for our boi Rihan, he's the only sane one among them. Sohwa & Miha are half-brothers, and Sohwa's born to be a dick the minute he stepped into this world as a privileged dipshit son of a gangster. This poor deluded lad thinks he owns everything including Miha, he loves Miha but doesn't know it so he resorts to raping him, worst part is Miha also loves Sohwa. The question now is, how do you make Sohwa less of a c**t so he'll end up with Miha? Amnesia bitches!!! The most conveniently abused plot device of all time hun. Yeah that's right you get the gist, it is through the beauty of memory loss and some essential distancing from Miha can he finally realise his wrongs.  I know depictions of toxic relationships are everywhere in BLs or just straight romance comics in general, it's not wrong to read them, I mean, fuck I read them coz I like to see one of them getting punished but I can see where Dispar is heading.... and so far NO Sohwa is not receiving enough punishment lol, not every abusive pos ends up good again after some time of reflection, and even if they do it's best they're crossed off the ficti-dating charts again coz the MCs need to be developed into self-reliant independent bitches who broke off with them for a new life, that's the only perfect ending for every toxic stories out there yall. But I'm also open to well-executed endings if it's done right, this manhwa ain't even close to being ended yet but uh... *sigh*.. it's too predictable at this point. 

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