Dine With a Vampire

Alt title: Bakjwiwa Siksa

Ch: 79
2020 - 2022
3.877 out of 5 from 947 votes
Rank #8,414
Dine With a Vampire

Caught in the clutches of an abusive relationship, Sooin longs to escape. A vampire who finds human blood repulsive, Chi-hwan only drinks the blood of other vampires. When chance brings the two together, Chi-hwan makes Sooin an enticing proposal. Chi-hwan will help Sooin get out of his living hell, and in exchange…Sooin has to let Chihwan drink his blood. Will this proposal change both their lives for the better?

Source: Lezhin

Includes 19 extra chapters.

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This was so unique and different. I actually thought this would be senseless drama and upsetting because I hate mangas about abuse. Even though I could barely get through the first few chapters because of how upsetting it was.. I am now on chapter 56 and I love it.  I can admit that when the ML came and just killed the abusive idiot I was like what??? That's it? Now they just live happily ever after? I honestly thought it was stupid, but as you read on it got so interesting at every turn and corner.  I love the way it targeted a different form of love. It seemed very codependent but it wasn't! One didn't trust love and the other desperately needed it. They found each other solely to use each other for their own benefits, but later it developed into a love to fill the missing piece of their puzzle.  The side characters even though I hated them.. added the right amount of "spice" to the plot. The "plot twist" was actually pretty obvious if you continue reading, so it was more predictable or at least the sense of hmmm.... somethings about to pop off. I hated every moment he (the ML) was fooled by obvious traps, but in reality, everyone gets blinded by love. and he loved the MC so much he was willing to what he had to, to be with him.  The art was cute. Most people think it looks awesome because it's full color, but the characters themselves could've been a little better in certain scenes.  I RECOMMEND READING THIS! Simply for the thrill, emotional rollercoaster, and cute moments this story has! 

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