One Shot
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In a dark, dystopic future, the Church of Transfiguration was formed; their charter was to promote extreme cybernetic enhancements. However, mankind also perfected the art of immortality through genetic manipulation, and then the great ruin came. Now, the Church sends its Inquisition to track down these genetically modified beings, and the only one who is seemingly able to stand in their way is Digimortal, a deadly, violent mercenary...

Extra chapter from Abara.

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PharuanUndearth Jun 4, 2018
Score 6.4/10

~SPOILERS~ Well there's not much to say about a 1 chapter 46 page manga other then, it was good much better then the Abara with which it was paired. I found a copy for Digimortal by itself, in order, so that settled some werid misplaced pages in the compilation. It was intriguing with a Beserk like armor that makes "them"(heretics) better faster stronger than even a group of 11 guards and 2 trained... read more



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