Did the Top Student Get a Cutie Today?

Alt titles: Did the Nerd Manage to Flirt With the Cutie Today?, Xue Ba Jintian Liao Dao Xiao Nai Baole Ma

Ch: 90
2021 - 2023
3.924 out of 5 from 229 votes
Rank #6,218
Did the Top Student Get a Cutie Today?

The moment omega, Wan Xing Shu transferred into the class, he became the target of the cunning Alpha, Chu He Zhou. After a series of services from the Alpha, who managed to flirt the omega to the point that his heart beats fast, his weak legs shaking and he wishes to be pushed down by the Alpha. Until a second year Alpha bully called Wan Xing Shu “Brother”, Chu He Zhou was confused. What is his soft and cute omega hiding?

Source: Bilibili Comics

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Chapter 1


Chapter 2

There’s Nothing that Can’t be Resolved with A Round of Fighting

Chapter 3

If a Round of Fighting Can't Resolve It, Fight Another Round

Chapter 4

Wanna Date? I’m Fierce When I Fight

Chapter 5

I'll Protect Your Smile

Chapter 6

Studying Is Better Than Dating

Chapter 7

I’ll Patiently Wait Until You Grow Up

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