DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything

Ch: 283+
2013 - ?
4.002 out of 5 from 1,361 votes
Rank #3,807
DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything

What if you can restart your life with a different setting just like a game? Dong Tae always get bullied by his classmates, but Tae Bin, sits right next to him, is handsome and popular at school; and now, Tae Bin suggests Dong Tae to play a little game.

Source: Webtoon

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Michajel Apr 9, 2015
Score 9/10

Imagine you could change your life without any bigger effort. You just have to do what a man on your phone orders you and then you earn almost anything you wish. A young boy Dongtae has a horrible life. He is not handsome or clever, has no friends, is bullied at school and his mother is an alcoholic. The only light in his life is his schoolmate Eunju because she is always nice to him even though she is very... read more

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PharuanUndearth Mar 27, 2018
Score 6.3/10

I will admit this the story starts off extremely so slow it is very hard to get into at the beginning and finding a source is not incomplete nor broken is difficult in its own right. For chapter 1-56 use mangareader {https://www.mangareader.net/dice-the-cube-that-changes-everything} then use Deathtollscans {https://reader.deathtollscans.net/read/dice_the_cube_that_changes_everything/en/0/57/page/1} the best... read more



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