Vol: 26+; Ch: 235+
2004 - ?
4.365 out of 5 from 5,821 votes
Rank #930

Allen Walker is not your average fifteen-year-old boy - he is an exorcist and a member of the Black Order, an organization charged by the Church with the elimination of Akuma. The Akuma are the minions of The Millenium Earl - an evil demon-like entity intending to cleanse the world by destroying the entire human race in the manner of Noah's great flood. Allen and the other exorcists are special people who are compatible with a substance named Innocence, which allows them to form Anti-Akuma weapons; and as such Exorcists are the only ones capable of fighting the Akuma. Allen and his friends must battle to save humanity from the Akuma and Earl's evil plans.

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I'm gonna keep this short and simple because it must be said. This right here. THIS RIGHT FUCKING HERE, is my favorite manga ever! It’s not even completed yet but it’s still the best! There's never been any other group of characters from an anime or manga that I've been obsessed over more than these loveable crackheads right here! God dammit I wanna sceam about how much I fucking LOVE Allen Walker my beautiful, precious, tragic son whom desrerves the ENTIRE WORLD! I wanna stab myself because of how much I fucking LOVE my other son Yuu Kanda, an adorable, mr grumpy pants, angry, samauri boy who's actually a big softie! God dammnit I'm even a sucker for their goddamn ship (YULLEN) that's how trash I am for this stupid fandom! (Enemies to lovers is the superior otp!) AND CROSS MARIAN! i love that piece of shit! fuck :( And yeah, maybe it takes our Queen Hoshino senpai FOREVER in a day to upload just 4 chapters a year, bUT MY ASS WILL WAIT! I’LL WAIT AS LONG AS IT TAKES FOR MY BABY BOY ALLEN TO BE HAPPY! NO MATTER WHAT I'LL GODDAMN WAIT!  This manga is so good it even has me rooting for the villains! The goddamn villains! I love big, stupid, fat clown man and his Noah children! Tyki! Jesus that man is pure art! And Road! She's so adorable and silly and cut throat gosh i goddamn love her! Jasdevi man! AMAZING! Two fucking stoopid ass incest twins whom I fucking love! even goddamn LERO! I LOVE LERO! A total spazz crackhead talking UMBRELLA for christ sake! I'm such trash for this fandom my opinion on this manga is ENTIRELY too biased I could honest to God never shit on this masterpiece!!! Pure perfection right here. 10/10 !!!!! best manga right here this one takes the cake it beats all other pieces of literature in existence sorry I don't make the rules! Allen Walker deserves happiness. The end.


(im going to mention how the story changes up to Searching for allen walker arc// to 219 220 221 WITH MINOR SPOILERS like just mentioning exorcists or changes in story line) D.Gray man isnt your average shonen, it shares qualities similar to a seinen, however that is only in the later chapters. DGM starts out with a 15 year old boy with a deformed arm traveling to get to the order, Meeting Officer Moa and Jan/John on the way and dealing with the incident there. Upon reaching the order Allen Walker officially is allowed to call himself an exorcist. He along with other exorcists investigate mysterious occurances in search objects known as innocence. Innocence can be used to harm things that have its polar opposite (dark matter) such as akuma which are created with dark matter or noah which weild dark matter. On some instances the Exorcists run into other accomodators (those that weild innocence) and in not every case are they able to join them. HOWEVER the manga shifts from searching for innocence and destroying akuma to a WHO HAS THE HEART and accomodators (mainly generals) getting hunted and killed by the noah. This causes a where in the world is cross-sandiego which then leads to another shift in story line. Allen and the gang (kanda, lenalee, lavi, krory, etc) are on the noah's ark (not a boat but basically a city floating in the sky that takes the form of a cube or is invisible) and they have to get off the ark before its destroyed. When that story arc ends allen becomes under suspicion by the higher ups of the order, central/ vatican. The 2006-2008 (i believe?) anime ends around this point (around volume 17 before the phantom thief g arc) however the manga changes with a mission, the north american branch, to then allen no longer at the order and trying to find allen. Lastly 219, 220, and 221 will blow any fans mind.  TRUST ME YOU WANT TO GET TO 221. ITS WORTH THE WAIT.

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